Pinnacle Pole Cost Comparison

Wood-Comparable Pricing

The ultra-low weight of a Pinnacle Pole® provides substantial savings on installation. That makes the as-installed cost of a 45-foot, Class 3 Pinnacle Pole® comparable to a wood pole of the same height and strength.

Pultrusion line

The Pinnacle of Modern Tech

Designed specifically to meet Class 3 for 40-ft and 45-ft poles, and manufactured with new high-speed pultrusion technology, the Pinnacle Pole® is built from state-of-the-art fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) to provide the most cost-effective competitor to wood poles.

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Wooden Pole Chemical Base Layer

Environmentally Friendly

The FRP material used in the Pinnacle Pole® also gives it a long lifespan, at the end of which it can be recycled. It doesn’t need chemical treatment, so it won’t leach harmful materials into the ground.

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Why choose should you choose Pinnacle Poles?

From Engineering to Purchasing, Installation, Inspection, Environmental, and C-Suite Officers Pinnacle Pole has benefits for everyone!

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