For the Design Engineer …

Pinnacle Pole Manufacturing
  • Manufactured product’s consistent quality
  • Hardened distribution grid
  • Designed to “Bend Not Break”
  • Guy-able
  • 9,300 lb. thru-bolt load tear limit
  • No failures from rot or woodpeckers
  • One hundred years of useful life
  • Installation friendly
  • Uses standard cross-arms and brackets
  • Factory or field drill mounting holes

For the Purchasing Manager …

Pinnacle Pole Cross section
  • Product is fully certified
  • Existing crossarms and connectors can be used
  • Production capacity is strong and growing rapidly
  • Just-in-time scheduling
  • Priced below other Class 3, 45-ft manufactured poles
  • Demonstrable useful life savings
  • Overall initial cost competitive with wood
  • World-class warranty

For the Linemen …

Pinnacle Pole 2 Man Carry Long
  • Safe, non-conducting
  • Bring to site on smaller trucks
  • No special equipment needed
  • Installation friendly
  • 1,000 lbs. lighter than wood
  • Field drill-able
  • Direct burial
  • Pre-installed ground wire inside

For the Inspector …

Avoid Wood Poles Weathering
  • No bugs to attract woodpeckers
  • Won’t rot from moisture
  • No need for core sampling
  • UV does not weaken structure
  • Ground wire inside thwarts theft
  • Annual inspections eliminated

For the Environmental Officer …

Wooden Pole Chemical Base Layer
  • No chemical leaching from installed poles
  • No EPA storage controls
  • No harm to children or animals on physical contact
  • End-of-life recyclable
  • Poles won’t burn in support of forest fires

For the CTO, COO, CFO & CEO …

Made in USA
  • Goal of grid hardening met for 100 years
  • CO2 footprint decreased by saving trees
  • EPA liability exposure greatly reduced
  • Linemen safer and reduced OSHA risk
  • Faster storm recovery for happier customers
  • Credit for using more recyclable products
  • Buy-in from all department heads
  • Made in the USA